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Friday, May 19, 2017

Andrew Weaver and John Horgan, a Call for Reasoned Collaboration

Written by Grant G

What a politically delicious paradoxical box we find ourselves in, paralyzed waiting, wondering who will boldly lead us to the promised land...

A minority government in the waiting, that is if one can charm the illustrious Green leader Andrew Weaver, an invigorated club wielding leader, holding keys to the castle, keys that can be acquired if the price is right.

I remember the 90's, very well, a working man could afford to buy a house with a medium income, those are the facts of the 90,s economy, yes mines closed in the late 90,s but not because of BC,s government but because of the Asian flu... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1997_Asian_financial_crisis

that bothers me, BC Liberals spin like a wurlitzer bragging about BC's economy while making up lies about the 90,s...I had many friends who left BC to go work in the Alberta tar sands in the 90;s, not because there was no work here, because menial labour paid 100,000 plus a year in Fort Mac...jobs in BC have never been high, even today wages in BC are low, too low too survive in a runaway real estate market..house prices in the GVRD have exceeded worker's ability to get in...BC Liberals over the last decade used an out of control dark money, criminally laundering, investor speculating housing market to fatten Government's bottom line....along with fattening the BC Liberal Party bank account...How..or should as I say why did our current government allow this blatant activity to destroy the fabric of our populous cities...

If and when we have our next election, it would be nice if fake facts and fear mongering didn't highlight the campaigns...

In my world, bad governments need to be punished, "Today's BC Liberals" are a bad government, scandals galore, quick wins, health firings, supreme court loss, David Eby is still waiting for the BC Housing documents, the documents Rich Coleman refused to hand over until after the election....election is over Rich Coleman...

How can the BC Liberals say with a straight face that they didn't squander $millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan ads...our auditor general said just that last month...BC Liberals were presented 6 legislative Bills brought forth by John Horgan to ban corporate and union donations, 6 times these BC Liberals said no...BC Liberals have raised $7 million dollars from corporate donors in 2017..$2 million in the last week of the election, how can anyone believe anything Christy Clark and her gang say about campaign finance when the last week of election 2017 BC Liberals raked in $2 million dollars from corporations...

How on earth can we ever make the GVRD affordable for young working families, I don't think it can be done, not without crashing the market, crashing this market will leave countless underwater...BC's housing situation should be declared a provincial emergency, it's that bad..It will take a herculean effort to find a solution to BC's housing crises that doesn't hurt a lot of innocent people, only a government with ideological will can find a solution and with BC Liberals, a party that rakes in $millions monthly from major corporate developers, a party beholden to their financiers I don't hold out much hope..

Economies rise and fall, BC is no different, a vibrant movie and tourism mecca when the dollar is right, we have a record number of cruise ships plying Vancouver Harbour, tourists from around the world flocking to see British Columbia's natural splendor, millions coming to see nature, not bitumen laden tankers...British Columbia has so much going for it.

We need a government, a caretaker government to nurture what we have, not a caretaker that ventures into every corporate dark money venture...

"There is none more blind than those who refuse to see"

That is how Christy Clark governed for the last 4 years....dark money blind, deliberately blind, only when public pressure built did she respond with loophole filled sop, pillar to post, then only to make matters worse with a down-payment helper, an election gimmick that merely exasperated the problem, pushing our housing crisis further afield..

John Horgan has been railing against this corporate blind governance for near a decade, Andrew Weaver you too have railed against this no rules, anything goes, bad bills, provincial sellouts and environmental assault...how can anyone not be outraged over the recent governance of our province...and yes, BC Liberals have a core base of 35% that will blindly vote for them no matter what sins they commit...NDP has a slightly smaller 30% core base and Weaver's Greens have a 10% core...

Christy Clark governed so bad that even $12 million spent in campaigning and media blitzing couldn't lure in enough votes...

Andrew Weaver holds the keys to the kingdom, a kingdom that both he and John Horgan want to see changed for the better..Green Party philosophy is so diametrically different than BC Liberal's gaseous oily corporate ideology....BC Liberals want to embrace sunsets industries, chase riches that will never accrue...

John Horgan in his election platform promised to bring forth a referendum on electoral reform, proportional Representation, an electoral change that he vowed to campaign for, and that brings us to where we are today, Andrew Weaver is demanding that John Horgan bail on his election campaign and impose proportional Representation through legislation, and yes, many if not most of BC NDPers want electoral change to PR...But how can one hold their head up, how can a potential new premier pretend to be any different from any other lying politician when a key election plank is abandoned for keys to the kingdom, for power...

If I was John Horgan....I would say to Green party leader Andrew Weaver....

Doctor Weaver, you railed against politicians who break promises, you talk of fairness, of keeping your word, of treating voters and all members of society equally and fairly, yet you are proposing imposing a my way or the highway ultimatum, and you are asking me to break an election promise and demean my word for your acceptance, almost asking me to bow before you....

Andrew Weaver... to allow Christy Clark and her BC Liberal gang to carry on assaulting Democracy and law, not to mention our splendored environment is not acceptable.

Andrew Weaver.... you are asking a man, asking John Horgan to make a decision, a decision to leave a corporate sick government in charge, to leave a BC Liberal government riddled with scandal, graft and in my opinion unfettered corruption in charge of caring for our still beautiful province or to bow down and accept your PR by legislation demand, asking John Horgan to surrender his word...

Andrew Weaver....you talk about working with others, collaborating to come up with solutions that work for everyone....and believe me, I understand your desire to improve government, to bring in representation for all, the goal is not only laudable but desperately needed...

I believe in collaboration too Andrew, Doctor Weaver, and compromise, I see no reason why you can't agree to a referendum on electoral reform, we can have the referendum this fall, before the next election, certainly in this wired society a 6 month campaign is plenty of time, ..a referendum campaign can start almost immediately and a scheduled referendum vote day for November 2017 is not out of the question, and if true, if NDP voters 40% and Green voters 17%  want electoral change the referendum will pass with ease, the only thing stopping this from happening is a government, a government that can last through to the referendum, for if passed, the next election will be held under a new PR electoral system....a win win, you Andrew Weaver will be on the good side of history by assisting in improving BC's governance and John Horgan could keep his word...

Pink shirts, seems they have no meaning to most...

Andrew Weaver.....I like the John, and I could forgive Mr. Horgan for caving to your pressure, he loves this province so much he may well bow down for the sake of removing a clearly corporate controlled government that's strayed too far..

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one"

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Time to End Tyranny Rule, The Case For Proportional Representation

Written by Grant G

I remember when British Columbia owned a profitable rail line, thousands of miles track, we owned right-aways, rolling stock, we owned a profitable freight and cargo rail company.....BC Rail

In 1996, in our 1996 B.C. Provincial Election BC Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell went up against upstart businessman and NDP leader Glen Clark....NDP versus Liberal...Gordon Campbell versus Glen Clark.

Gordon Campbell's 1996 campaign manager was a man named David G A Mclean...

Gordon Campbell in the 1996 election, a key election BC Liberal plank was....Campbell campaigned on privatising BC Rail, meaning sell it off...Gordon Campbell told voters he was going to sell the profitable BC Rail..

Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal team lost that election....

before I get into the nuts and bolts of the article....here is a little more detail on who David Mclean was/is..

Born in CalgaryAlberta, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1959 and a Bachelor of Law degree in 1962 from the University of Alberta.
In 1972, he founded his own real estate investment firmThe McLean Group and is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. The McLean Group owns Vancouver Film Studios, one of Vancouver's largest film industry companies.
In 1994, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Canadian National Railway Company (he was also a member of the Board from 1979 to 1986) and became Chairman in December 1994.

So...Gordon Campbell and his Liberal(Social Credit) Party lost in 1996..the voters spoke...Gordon Campbell didn't go away, he stayed on as an effective opposition leader and led his team into our 2001 Provincial election...
Campbell and the Liberals promised B.C. voters in that 2001 election two very specific things..
"We won't sell BC Rail"....."We won't tear up negotiated contracts"
Gordon Campbell won...BC NDP were reduced to three seats, ...BC Liberals denied the NDP Party status....

Then Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Party tore up those signed negotiated contracts, the same contracts he promised during the election not to tear up...Then Gordon Campbell sold BC Rail for a song.....a long 8 year BC Rail corruption trial ensued, ...a trial where the guilty got off scot free, a trial where everyone's memory failed, a trial that cost the taxpayers millions....(details linked below)

Gordon Campbell's 2001 campaign manager was ....David Mclean..who just happened to be the Chairman of Canadian National Railway....Chairman of the company that ended up owning BC Rail..."I won't sell BC Rail"
We no longer have a provincial railway, and we never will, it would be next to impossible to find land, a route, lay track, cut through mountains, skirt rivers, rolling stock, to replace BC rail if we had to would cost 10's of billions, in other words, impossible..we now have nothing. 
Proportional representation electoral system would have stopped Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Party from betraying voters..would have stopped the BC Liberals from tearing up contracts and worker's rights, ..that betrayal too went to court, the Supreme Court of Canada..where the BC Liberals lost, it cost BC literally hundreds of $million to settle that contract shredding case ...

The HST betrayal...in our 2009 B.C. Provincial election....Gordon Campbell was still there as BC Liberal leader, the BC Rail trial was still going on, so was the contract shredding case..all still going on...Gordon Campbell, and finance Minister Colin Hansen in the 2009 election campaign told BC voters that "the HST tax was not on our radar" and ...Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen said that the budget deficit for 2009 was going to be "$495 million maximum"....
Well, after the election it was revealed that the budget deficit going into election 2009 was not $495 million maximum..it was this...

British Columbia will have a record deficit of $2.8 billion, according to a budget update Finance Minister Colin Hansen presented today. That's five times greater than the $495 million projected in February and insisted upon by Premier Gordon Campbell during the election campaign


Then, immediately after the 2009 provincial election Stephen Harper's federal government offered Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal government $1.4 billion dollars to ram the HST tax down our throat, a tax that would shift over $2 billion dollars from corporations onto average BCers each year...
Then we learned that Colin Hansen was in talks about adopting the HST with the Stephen Harper federal Government before the election... BCers raged....The first ever successful recall campaign ensued...every riding in BC had to sign up a massive amount anti HST signatures....The people won..a referendum was called, and despite no money for the repeal campaign we won....
However, we in British Columbia had to endure the betrayal tax and pay for 2 years until the referendum was held and HST repealed...a slam dunk....BC Liberals spent $millions campaigning for the tax,,,,Wasted tax money...The people didn't speak, they roared...

Proportional Representation electoral system and we BCers would never had to pay the BC Liberal betrayal tax for two years, in fact the HST would have never been foisted on the people at all with a PR electoral system....in other words, PR protects the public from lying betraying politicians...no group of 40% can ram a corporate screw through our thumbs..

Gordon Campbell was forced to resign after his latest betrayal....That brought us Christy Clark, the new BC Liberal Leader..
Christy Clark in 2013 campaigned on "families First" and "a $trillion dollar LNG bonanza, create a 100,000 LNG jobs and not only debt free but no sales tax and a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund"
I'll let you readers decide on the "families First" part....I can tell all about the LNG fantasy..
We have no shovels in the ground, no FIDs, the market is glutted, saturated with LNG until 2030....the price has tanked and Greenfield LNG projects are not getting built, only brownfield projects, in other words...BC LNG fantasy is dead and buried..

Site C dam project....Christy Clark and the BC Liberals rammed through the Site C dam project with no business case, dozens of expert economists have told BC Hydro that the project is not economically viable....BC Liberals refuse to send the project to the British Columbia Utilities Commission..an independent body created to protect the ratepayers of British Columbia..

A $10 billion dollar project, if it's on budget, with no market for the power, with BC's electrical demand flat over the last decade, over the last 10 years, despite a big increase in population BC's electricity demand is flat....This vanity project is a political project, BC liberals spending $10 billion dollars, backstopped by BC hydro customers for the sole purpose of luring in LNG companies with the promise of free power....there is o free power, this is a $50 billion dollar project after finance charges, to lure LNG companies..they are not coming here...and even if they did...Site C power would only produce enough power for 1 LNG project....Petronas for example...and LNG carbon bomb proposed to built on the Skeena River Estuary...Canada's most prolific wild salmon river, thousands of miles of coastline and the BC Liberals permit Petronas ....On the Skeena River estuary...Thank goodness Petronas walked away from British Columbia...

Proportional Representation would have stopped Christy Clark and the BC Liberals from ramming through that very expensive Site C Dam project...PR electoral system....The legislature under PR would have sent the project proposal to the BCUC ..and a non-partisan committee would have been created to investigate the dubious power need claims...PR would have forced BC Hydro and the BC Liberals to make the economic case.....Christy Clark and Bill Bennett absolutely refuse to send it to the BCUC...because they know they can't make the business case! 
Norman Farrell has everything you need to know on BC Hydro, Site C and run of river IPPs....


In other words if we had a Proportional Representation Electoral System Christy Clark and the BC Liberals could not ram Site C Dam boondoggle down our throats...A clear concise business case for expending that much taxpayer money would have to be made, and proven in our legislature...PR Electoral system protects the public from vanity projects, photo-op projects....
BCers wouldn't have wasted 2 years doing nothing on transit except waiting for a referendum on Translink...PR would have forced the BC Government to figure out how to pay for transit...
Right now ...The Patullo bridge is at the end of its life....A report came out this year that a severe windstorm could blow the bridge down...The bridge is old, narrow and dangerous...and falling apart..

All the Metro Mayors are in favor of replacing the Patullo bridge now....but no, Christy Clark and BC Liberal Tyranny....Christy Clark and only one mayor(Lois Jackson) want the Massey bridge built..at a cost of $3.5 billion and another $8 billion in finance charges....when a Massey tunnel twinning could save the Province $12 billion and relieve rush hour gridlock in the tunnel...twin the tunnel with $billions leftover to replace the old dilapidated Patullo bridge....A win win..
And more...the reason why BC Liberals want a Massey super high bridge instead of a tunnel is so LNG supertankers can go up the Fraser River...again, monies wasted chasing an LNG industry that isn't coming to BC...
All of these headaches and the $billions of dollars being squandered by a corporate BC Liberal government...money wasted chasing white elephants...These boondoggles and boondoggles to be can be prevented if we had a proportional representation electoral system..

Our BC debt was $28 billion in 2001...in 2017 our BC debt is $70 billion(not counting Massey bridge), ..with another 110 billion in contractual debt, BC Hydro debt(before Site C) is another $18 billion..
With Proportional Representation all those BC Liberal betrayals and boondoggles would have been stopped...can be stopped...We would not have had to endure two years of paying HST..3 years fighting the HST through recall and referendum...a Transit funding referendum...

With Proportional Representation we the voters are protected from tyranny no matter who is in power..Bills and Legislation will have to be passed on merit, on debate, on research, on the facts not just rammed through by an ideological corporate government....or rammed through by a small minority..

It's for that reason why I believe it's time B.C. adopted the PR electoral system...or as I like to call it...

An anti Tyranny Electoral System

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Canada`s Cold Blank Stare

 Canada`s Cold Blank Stare

Written by Grant G

"It looks like a war zone"...Those were Stephen Harper`s words describing the Quebec town of Lac Megantic, his description is correct, yet his actions, and Canada`s actions after this crime were no different than that of a fender bender car accident...

Quebec(The Province) sent in 200 police officers and are treating it as a crime scene, which it is, how come hundreds of armed services were not sent in to assist, how come a 1000 armed forces aren`t on the ready to rebuild every destroyed building, and at the Federal Government`s expense, the public shouldn`t be required to deal with insurance agents or await compensation offers, and to be clear, trauma, pain and suffering does not need to be proved, literally hundreds and hundreds of people deserve a minimum of $2 million dollars apiece..The Feds can chase down compensation from MM&A and Railworld

If  Ezra Levant`s and Sun News media`s earlier suggestions and soft allegations of eco-terrorism were true...If eco-terrorism had vapourized an entire Canadian town and caused 60 to 70 individuals to turn to ashes would not the army, CSIS, Federal agents have locked down the town, conducted raids into environmental cells, First Nation`s communities, rounded up all the usual suspects,... what did Joe Oliver and Stephen Harper call those opposed to Enbridge and Kinder Morgan expansion, I believe they were called environmental radicals, enemies of Canada, enemies that go by the name of GreenPeace, Forests Ethics, Tides Canada, WestCoast Law, all British Columbian First Nations societies, had this crime been a result of terrorism from members of these groups would not the army and all available forces instantly raided their head offices, rounded up the leaders of these groups for questioning?

Vivian Krauss claims American millionaires are funding environmental dissent in Canada to the tune of a few million dollars, yet Vivian ignored the fact that Enbridge spent $30 million dollars on propaganda ads pushing their pipeline agenda, running propaganda ads years before the NEB review has even rendered a decision, shouldn`t ads run after the NEB(National Energy Board) made a decision, for if the NEB says no the ads are toilet flushed money, it`s almost as if Enbridge knows the result of the NEB review..

Last year Stephen Harper gave the Canadian Revenue Agency(CRA, also known as the taxman) $millions of dollars to target these same environmental groups the Federal Conservatives labeled enemies of Canada.


In Canada, conservative “charities” like the Fraser Institute are free to use the tax-deductable “donations” they receive to engage in political activities like attacking public healthcare, unions and environmental regulations (helping their rich “donors” get richer) while maintaining charitable status.
Conservatives groups can continue to rely on public support for their rightwing agenda without any “political” interference from the Canada Revenue Agency.
It is another matter, however, for environmental groups, or as Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver likes to call them, “radical” groups that “threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda.”
In June 2012, the Harper government brought in Bill C-38, which injected $8 million into the CRA to investigate charities to make sure they are not spending more than 10% of their budget on political advocacy. But the “political advocacy” the government is concerned about is the “radical ideological agenda” of environmental groups.
What the Harper government thinks of as “political advocacy” might also be called “science.” Internationally renowned scientist David Suzuki resigned from the Suzuki Foundation for fear that his science-based criticism of Big Oil and the Canadian Conservative Party’s environmentally destructive tar sands project could subject the charitable organization to unwanted attention from the CRA.



 And the result of that Federal Conservative witch hunt was one group in non-compliance, non-compliance by a hair, and that group was not an environmental group per say, it was a group called..: Doctors against the proliferation of nuclear arms:....

Ezra Levant and fellow hate speech freak Greg Renouf went on attack all this weak against every disgruntled group, Ezra was even more offensive than usual, ...Ezra and Greg slung mud, lumped everyone into one big radical pile...In fact Ezra Levant cited, talked about and lumped the Oka Mohawk blockade from 1990 into this Quebec tragedy..He picked a few lines and quotes from a magazine called :Redwing:...That`s a First Nations and First Nation Prisoners publication, that publication was in 2006 and is was funded by the Federal Government...7 years ago..The Mohawk First Nation Oka blockade happened in 1990...23 years ago..And that blockade was about a golf course being constructed on First Nation land, one person died in that blockade..

Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf in talking about the Quebec crime scene dragged the :Idle No More: movement into the train tragedy, they also suggested the G20 protesters and the occupy Canada protesters are all cut from the same cloth, all linked, the same people at all these protests, all against the tar sands, against pipelines and apparently....Trains..

1990 Oka Blockade...2006 prison publication, and more ...Ezra Levant and Sun News media`s editing room was very busy this week, they cut, spliced and cherry picked 5 written lines out of that 2006 publication, they aired one line snippets from First Nation speeches, everything presented out of context and crafted to inflame...So a golf course protest, a prison publication..Idle no more..The occupy movement was about the Wall Street crimes and bailouts..G20 protests...All lumped together in one eco-terrorism pie..

Am I missing something here...I understand that the very first reports about the Lac Magantic holocaust were sketchy, a simple unfortunate derailment, then we learned the one railway employee was less than honest in his initial account of events, then the owner of the railway Edward Burkhardt told fibs about fireman causing this accident, then he fibbed about mythical vandals, fibbed about the trains braking condition...All that fibbing meanwhile a town was vapourized and 60 to 70 people are turned to dust...If this act was terrorism or even suspected terrorism wouldn`t the federal Conservative environmental targets be interrogated, under hot lights, made to sweat, made to talk, maybe even tortured and yet...And yet Edward Burkhardt is free to roam the streets, shouldn`t his railway office been searched, raided by authorities, wouldn`t American Federal authorities cooperate, shouldn`t Edward Burkhardt have been arrested and held without bail...

"It looks like a war zone"  If someone dropped a bomb and blew up a Canadian town shouldn`t they be arrested, ...Or in this case shouldn`t employment records be searched, employee logs, executive minutes from meetings, shouldn`t authorities need to know what effect one employee trains had on personnel, how many hours the employees were forced to work each day, if this event was terrorism wouldn`t every person, every entity involved be searched, interrogated and scrutinized and if those offenders or alleged offenders were caught fibbing, changing their story everyday, altering, twisting the facts and found to be completely wrong day after day, would that or those persons still be free to walk the streets?

British Columbia`s media..Global news, CKNW, ..Even our daily papers have barely touched this story..Our (false flag) Canada Day bombing..The court appearances by the defendants, every media was there, the courtroom packed, near standing room only, and I remind you, CSIS and the RCMP controlled the bombs, they picked up and dropped off the defendants, their phones were tapped, the defendants followed and...And police agents were working directly with the defendants for months, the public was never in danger, and what I find interesting, these defendants were followed, trailed, phones tapped and had committed offenses(according to the charges) before the Boston marathon pressure cooker terrorism event even happened...I wonder what terrorism plot those two were hatching way back when..

Where was I...Yet no British Columbia media correspondents that I know of went to Quebec to cover the worst rail disaster/crime in Canadian history..It`s like this event was put on British Columbia`s media back-burner...Could it be because Kinder Morgan ads are drowning the airwaves, Enbridge ads promoting gateway and talk of many LNG plants all stacked up close together...All potentially being placed in Kitimat and Prince Rupert, and if one thinks oil goes boom and burns, the amount of energy in one LNG plant is more than a nuclear bomb...


"It looked like a war zone" 

And unlike the tragic landslide at Johnsons landing, that has been ruled an act of God, and since it`s an act of god the BC Government is refusing to compensate the victims, 4 people died, many homes destroyed and the area is unsafe, the people can never return to their homes and legally can`t, the area is deemed to dangerous, and they can`t sell their homes and the most delicious part of this event, these people who lost their homes, those other people who have homes there, they are barred from returning, these people can`t sell their homes and....

And they are still obligated to pay property taxes, and who can forget last year Christy Clark promised to fully compensate those affected, well, that was then and this is now..


NELSON, B.C. – A so-called act of God is allowing the province of B.C. to cut off compensation for residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the Johnsons Landing landslide.
An avalanche of mud and debris rolled over the tiny community of about 35 residents in southeast B.C. last July, wiping out five homes and killing four people.



Those Johnson Landing victims are getting nothing but a cold blank stare from the BC Government ....

Those alleged Canada Day bombers have their courtroom loaded with media, and each and every court date will receive the same generous media coverage meanwhile a Quebec town is gone, criminal negligence, that is mass murder by any other name....

And what theme is the media playing, the media that now receives their biggest portion of advertising dollars from oil companies...Well you know, how pipelines are so much safer than rail...It`s a good thing this Burnaby pipeline that spewed flammable diluted bitumen didn`t catch fire, or it too would have been a hot vapourized disaster

 Yet when Stephen Harper, Joe Oliver and Edward Burkhardt look at you with that cold blank stare, when Ezra Levant and Sun News media promote more pipelines as a way to keep the public safe from railed oil..

A Cold Blank Stare as Stephen Harper orders CSIS and the RCMP to spy on and infer that those concerned with the environment are "radicals..Eco-terrorists--Enemies of Canada"


What these oil industry pimps aren`t telling you is....

Even if Kinder Morgan, Enbridge and pipeline line 9 is reversed, and the keystone XL pipeline are all built, all pumping oil, there will still be a doubling of oil transport by rail over the next 5 years, the railway companies have geared up for it and now depend on that revenue..

So even though..

"It looks like a war zone" 

The only thing future oil spill accident victims will get is.....

A cold blank stare 

 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Andrew Weaver and Dancing With the Devil

Written by Grant G

I have never voted for the Green Party but can freely admit that many of their goals are laudable, essential, vitol to preserving life on a finite planet...

I read an article in the Financial Post, it was titled...

"Dear British Columbians, what were you thinking? NDP Influenced Provinces are Where The Economy Goes To Die"

Article was written by American Diane Francis


Diane was amazed BCers didn't hold their nose and vote for BC Liberals(her words)...Diane says that gas, oil and pipelines are the source of BC's wealth, and how BC was the darling of Canada economically because of those industries...

It was at that point I tuned Diane Francis out...her garbage column wouldn't get printed anywhere on merit, or facts, even as propaganda spin it fails in the absurd, like I said, it wouldn't get published anywhere on merit, at least anywhere reputable........Financial Post, Canada's number one business newspaper..."least anywhere reputable"...

Diane Francis is educated, unlike Christy Clark, Diane Francis probably even graduated...

It amazes me, a newspaper, Canada's number one business newspaper allows falsehoods, no, allows economic lies to be peddled like a penny stock....

BC's wealth in the long ago past was derived by a mere handful of industries, forestry, fishing, mining, limited natural gas(not LNG) but that was the past....commercial fishing is a shadow of its formal self, so is forestry, since the BC Liberals were elected in 2001....35,000 forestry jobs gone.... 150 lumber mills shuttered....Mining profits today, in 2017 are so bad the people of British Columbia have to pay big mining companies' electricity bill.....BC's wealth over the last decade has been generated through taxation on residential and commercial construction in BC's southern major urban centers, not in our north...and that's not to say our northern BC populous doesn't contribute to BC's economy, they certainly do...diversification is key, ..BC's movie industry is also a huge economic driver, however, BC's movie industry can go ice cold fast, movie industry is very mobile....Greater Vancouver movie studios enjoy the perks of a 75 cent dollar...if Canada's dollar rises to 95 cents or higher, or above the US greenback...our movie business literally evaporates..The same reality exists with tourism...low Canadian dollar and tourists flock here to see natural beauty.

Diane Francis failed to mention BC's ballooning debt, a debt rising by $5 billion per year on average under BC Liberals, that too, like unfettered resource extraction, is unsustainable..

Diane Francis failed to mention that Christy Clark, and Gordon Campbell before her sold public assets to claim balanced budgets, raided crown corporations of imaginary profits....

Diane Francis talks about BC Liberals being the only "free enterprise government"... she(Diana Francis) must be confused, does she mean free enterprise or Socialism....

Tax dollars wasted, $10 billion plus for a no-business case hydroelectric dam, being paid for by dollars generated in our cities, tax dollars, ...a vanity project, like building pyramids, 1000's of workers paid to build Site C pyramid...

$12 billion dollar Massey bridge(3.5 billion build cost and $8 billion in interest charges), more taxpayer money..more socialism...Port Mann bridge, same thing, the private sector said no to financing that project, BC Liberals in an 11th hour bailout was forced to finance the boondoggle, more and more tax dollars are required to maintain these money losers, by any definition that is socialism..money losing BC Place (with a non-functioning retractable roof)...money losing BC Convention center, both went 100% over budget, both bailed out with tax dollars, all losing money,  this is socialism not the free market...Vanity projects

No business case for Site C Dam...what business savvy entity spends money they don't have without a business case..BC Liberals do time after time...therein explains BC's ballooning debt..a massive increase in BC's debt, with Moodys ringing the alarm, with others rating agencies telling us(BC) that we've reached the end of our provincial creditcard.

Business savvy is AltaGas not building a LNG liquefaction plant in Kitimat because they had no buyers....BG(British Gas)...Shell Canada...Petronas and Woodfibre...those companies all tried to make a smart economic business case, they all made the right decision...no customers, no FIDs, those resource extractors, those free enterprisers walked away from BC because no profit was to be had..and it had nothing to do with who was in power, it was purely an economic decision

Massey bridge proposal....only Christy Clark and one local mayor(Delta Mayor Lois Jackson) want that Socialism project to move forward...all other BC mayors oppose, so do the people of British Columbia....Diane Francis, isn't free market supposed to be private money?..not government make work...hmmm, and considering we have a major bridge(Patullo) connecting New Westminster to those South of the Fraser that is at the end of its lifetime, a dilapidated 75 year old bridge that could be toppled in a windstorm....shouldn't that needed replacement be priority? before the wind blows it down?

I could go on embarrassing you Diane Francis.....no reputable publisher would allow a mistake riddled column that bad to be aired, it's almost like you know nothing about British Columbia, appears you merely went to stock/archived Conservative attack ad memes as a source, your article would fail as a thesis, fail as a homework project...it's almost as bad as Warren Kinsella's work(almost)....Financial Post...only thing missing in their newspaper name is the word.... Com

If the NDP signed longterm IPP contracts that bleed money from the public year after year, contracts going out decades, if the NDP tried to ram through a vanity bridge project that no one wanted, if NDP proposed indebting BC Hydro for 100 years while driving up residential rates without a business case....Howls from the business savvy would never end..

Like I said, never voted Green, not because of their policies, not because of sustainability or long-term vision, i've never voted Green for reasons of survival, to remove Harper one had to vote for a contender, to remove BC Liberals the same applied, unfortunately, for many reasons including financial the Green Party was not a political force under a first past the post electoral system...we can change that..but not with a BC Liberal Government.

Mines, existing mines, if they can't profit with low ore prices than they need to shutter too, like buggywhip factories, they are no more....Mines need to clean up their messes, 10's of billions in reclamation and clean-up costs stare the British Columbia taxpayer in the face, taxpayers left to clean-up the Robber Baron's messes again, with taxpayer dollars, not just here, everywhere, Alberta and Saskatchewan need $hundreds of billions of dollars to clean up the poisonous mess big oil n gas left behind....Free market...indeed..

We need to make what industry we have work, be profitable, sustainable, if technology threatens the viability of an old sunset industry, so be it...the world is transitioning to a cleaner world, renewable power, some say 10 years, old industry pundits say never...if a town is crowded, fix gridlock before you expand, the days of extracting a mountain side and polluting a river valley for the sake of creating work for those who come here is over too...planet earth is finite..how many pipelines..1..2..3...Pipelines east, west, south, north, pipelines more, and more again as more workers come here..how many more pristine ecosystems will corporate greed extinct.

Old growth clearcutting, that horrific practice was halted(mostly), thanks goodness...factories spewing acid rain, stopped...on a finite earth, like a city bus...once full, there is no need to stop to pick up passengers as there is no more room...

As a British Columbian, I would like a Manhattan type project to restore our great forests, curtail raw log exports and demand value added milling or big forestry Corporations lose access to our trees, we can also clean and rehabilitate our mighty once filled to brim with wild salmon rivers..bring back the fish, bring back a sustainable commercial fishery..let's grow food on quality agricultural land...I could ramble on with ideas as to how to create a better world..

I'm a late to the game green at heart Canadian who votes in a first past the post electoral system to remove a corporate cronyism government that is not free market but rigged to serve a select few to the detriment of both human and environmental health...Socialism for Corporate Greed, that's not a healthy Government, and it's not the way to run a country,

Andrew Weaver...... I do like you personally, think you are quite clever....I've seen 16 years of lies and betrayal from these BC Liberals/Social Credit white old man dynasty...I won't sell BC Rail, I won't tear up contracts, ..IPP money losing pits, bloated infrastructure vanity projects that are never on time or on budget..seen debt rise to over $100 billion under these so-called BC Liberal "Free Market" business experts...I have also seen too many average people fall through the cracks, seen children, teachers treated as a burden, seen morality and fairness decline..seen such blatant corruption I cringe.....watched as salmon run after salmon run vanished, watched diseased filled farmed fish destroy more wild salmon..the most fertile farmland being developed, seen BC Liberals massacre our agricultural land reserve...I've seen and heard Christy Clark blather about fracking and LNG as the future of British Columbia, witnessed the BC Liberals appoint their corporate friends to positions of power throughout our province, extending corruption to near every authoritative body....

Christy Clark and the BC Liberals won't call the legislature to session until this Fall(2017)..in the meanwhile election campaign dollars are once again rolling into the BC Liberal Party...a few $million dollars more before a urgent election issue is manufactured and a snap election called, a new platform message delivered by a new BC Liberal Leader...Kevin Falcon

Andrew Weaver, you must support John Horgan and The New Democratic Party, your Green initiatives are not far removed from NDP values, very close on most issues, not the cavernous ideological divide between Green ideals and BC Liberal Corporate cronyism...black and white, Green and Orange, good versus evil.....lastly, Andrew Weaver, if you think you can make a trustworthy deal with those Social Credit carpetbaggers....

I have an LNG Fantasy to sell you...

Latest Mainstreet Poll confirms BCers are overwhelming against a Green/Liberal coalition


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Questions for Andrew Weaver

Written by Grant G

1) Are you prepared to let Site C dam project on the Peace River plow forward with no BCUC review, with no sound business case?

2) Kindr Morgan tripling their pipeline capacity and a 7 fold increase in bitumen laden tankers on the coast...Clark wants it....Horgan and NDP like you Andrew Weaver are opposed ...

3) Proportional representation ....NDP is willing to hold referendum...you are too...Clark Liberals will not agree to that..

4)Banning corporate and union political donations...Horgan was going to make it his first Bill/legislation.....Do you agree that campaign finance reform should be first business...not in a year, or in the Fall, but now..

5)Petronas PNW LNG project proposal ..situated on the Skeena estuary.....That location is a no go...Will you Andrew along with Horgan stop that project going forward at that location(if if ever does go forward..very doubtful, uneconomical)

6)all the current BC Liberal scandals....we need to see the Site C financials...Christy Clark refuses to release the data......BC Housing investigation...Rich Coleman has refused to release documents and contract information.....Brenhill..Bob Rennie...we need to see ALL the paperwork...no delays by Guv/Libs..Hand over all the paperwork..

7) no one wants the Massey bridge except Christy Clark and Delta Mayor Lois Jackson..$3.5 Billion plus $8 billion in finance charges, that is if it came in on budget...project must stop..

8) Patullo bridge IS at the end of its life..any new bridge building ....Patullo must be first...no doubt..

9)Seismic upgrades on ALL at risk schools must be first priority along with new schools for Surrey..FAST TRACKED..

10) seniors care and home care supports MUST be ministry of health first priority...$$$$$s

11) increases in disability and welfare rates must be fast tracked too..

I have many more questions.....if anyone has issue and needs not mentioned above feel free to contribute to the list....

Andrew Weaver....You have far more in common with the NDP than you do with the corporate Liberals..clean energy, sustainable industry...value added, ...

Lastly.....If you prop up Christy Clark's pipeline and LNG dreams, destroy the Salmon producing Skeena river, poison our water and air....You will devastate the Green Party...there is no squaring that circle...Houdini couldn't escape from that type of pretzel logic..

Send me an email Andrew Weaver....we need these answers...and so do the 16% of BCers that voted for you..

Time to get the animals talking...including the human ones..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Why I endorse John Horgan and His New Democratic Party and Denounce the Vancouver Sun and Province

Written By Grant G

Thursday and Friday, May 5th and May 6th.....On May 5th/2017 the Globe and Mail endorsed Christy Clark and her BC Liberal gang for reelection ...on May 6th our beleaguered Vancouver Sun followed suit with an endorsement for Christy Clark .

Globe and Mail endorsement came with a provision, "hold your nose and vote Liberal"

before I pass comment on the Globe n Mail endorsement of Clark...in 2015 Postmedia, president of Post Media Paul Godfrey ordered every newspaper in his Canadian chain to endorse Stephen Harper, and they did, including Globe n Mail....Globe and Mail's 2015 Stephen Harper endorsement included a provision too...."after Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party secure a majority government Stephen Harper needs to resign" .....in other words, Globe n Mail so-called expert editorial board wanted Canadians to give Harper a majority then hope he resigns....

Globe board knew Harper was toxic, they played the economic card, they played Canadians as fools, they expected voters to believe that Harper with a fresh new mandate would suddenly say...hey, i'm outta here because .......? and now in 2017 Globe and Mail editorial board tells Canadians/BCers to "hold their nose" and vote back in a corrupt BC Liberal government because if reelected they'll put a stop to future corruption...did I get that right?....Those are the views of Globe and Mail's editorial board...a corporate board, as in, are they even human...

Democracy, a democratic society, a land of free-press, freedom of speech, a country of ideas, talent and aspirations to be better, best, settle for only excellence and the Globe and Mail tells me that maybe Harper will resign after he gets his majority and I should just hold my nose to suppress the stench and vote in a corrupt long in the tooth BC Liberal Party...

That's the advice from the best and the brightest at the Globe and Mail......how do you defend your position Globe...you don't, it was a corporate endorsement not a human government endorsement..

Vancouver Sun editorial Board endorsement ....

not a surprise, they were never going to endorse John Horgan...Vancouver Sun and Province Newspaper had no choice but to endorse Christy Clark...Paul Godfrey made the call...endorse BC Liberals(Conservatives in disguise) are else(lose your editorial job)...

I have no problem in someone, or something, like say a corporation(Vancouver Sun) endorsing a political party, but don't you think, that you, in particular, you have access to the same data I do, a lowly blogger...you cited balanced budgets and leading the country, you cite job growth numbers, you cite many things but not once do you mention....

BC Liberals sold $billions in provincial assets(land) over the last 4 years, $billions more taken from ICBC and BC Hydro to balance the books...BC Hydro is now debt riddled and ICBC is on the financial ropes, all because BC Liberal looted their capital, took their operating monies...and now average BCers are paying the price over this mismanagement(looting)...

You failed to mention that BC's debt has never rose this much this fast as under Christy Clark..$12 billion more added to BC's debt in the last 4 years ....you never mentioned the folly of Site C dam, no business case, every credible person who has looked at has said no, bad idea technically and brutal idea economically...no demand, cheaper alternatives, and the fact that the BC Liberals refuse to have the BCUC review the project.....Same as the Massey bridge project, only one mayer(Delta Mayor Lois Jackson) and Christy Clark want it built....the cost..$3.5 billion if its on time and on budget, ..BC Libs have been averaging 35% over budget minimum...plus, as we learned from John Horgan another $8 billion in finance charges to fund the Massey project..making the cost of a Massey bridge $12 billion dollars...just imagine what the interest payments are on Site C dam..they're rumored to be in the $40 billion range..

As for those BC Liberal job numbers...first off they started the count at the low of the 2008/2009 recession....most of the jobs are low paying and temporary..home construction leads the way, in a sick-over-heated market being bought up by foreigners and the world's rich, a Vancouver and surrounding area housing boom, nothing to do with Christy Clark's jobs plan..how many LNG jobs....NONE..in fact up north and in BC's interior there are fewer working today than there was in 2009...BC is Canada's best?..best of the losers...Alberta got hammered by big oil collapse...Ontario is debt ridden, to many years governed by Liberals...Quebec(good maple syrup)....eastcoast....

Bottom line....BC Liberals have cranked up debt and taxes through crown corporations and MSP grabs...any extra money in the BC budget came from foreigners parking laundered cash in BC's real estate market...good for government coffers but brutal for average BCers...a sick real estate market, one where average wages don't cut it...a real corrupt mess..

@Vancouver Sun/Province editorial Board..... If the NDP was in power and rammed through a $10 billion dollar taxpayer funded project with no business case, then ordered up a $12 billion dollar Massey bridge that every mayor is dead set against, especially when the Patullo bridge is on life support....you would be screaming at the top of your lungs, calling NDPers reckless, but when Christy Clark Liberals act irrationally, crickets...

Christy Clark's 2013 Families First and Jobs Plan....she said BC would see 100,000 LNG jobs, thousands more all over rural BC...Christy Clark's jobs plan never mentioned a developer free-for-all frenzy, with the government reaping $billions in property tax revenue...received $billions in property tax revenue while the dream of home-ownership in GVRD for average workers vanished before their eyes......BC Liberals sat on their hands while average home prices shot up $600,000k...and there is still no LNG, no $trillion dollars in LNG economic activity...we got nothing, where is that 2013 bannered "debt Free B.C." Christy Clark bus...our debt went up $12 billion not counting the $billions in debt BC Hydro has taken on...

Editorials and endorsements are fine, that is, if you insert the truth..

All the scandals...Children dying in care..the Christy Clark lie of a RCMP investigation that never was...the $untold cost to fight the teachers for 15 years..triple delete scandals, quick wins, destroyed health researcher's careers, and lives.. Families First, clawing back buspasses...haven't raised welfare or disability rates in a decade, Canada's most expensive province, 1 in 5 children living in poverty..hallway medicine, courts are in disarray, understaffed, thousands dying from imported poison..the scandals are near endless not to mention Christy Clark's pay to play, her $300k top-up, her free Dunbar house, free Buick, millions of tax dollars spent on videographers and photo-ops, private flights to n fro all paid by the taxpayer..right before my eyes the B.C. I once knew disappeared, it turned into a developers fiefdom...a place where only the rich and infamous can afford to live.

Vancouver Sun Editorial board...in your endorsement, this is how you told the people of ALL the BC Liberal misdeeds, and I quote..



"After considering the options, it is the opinion of the editorial board that the Liberals, under the leadership of Christy Clark, should continue to govern despite some errors, especially related to support for disadvantaged citizens who rely on government supports. All governments make mistakes and the NDP made many when in power in the 1990s."


You condensed children in care committing suicide, children in care being killed, lies about RCMP investigations that never were, worker suicides, buspass clawbacks, triple delete scandals, quick wins, crown corp mismanagement, lies about NDP hacking Liberal Party website, shady donations, pay to play, poor business decisions, thousands dying from imported poison, courtrooms letting criminals go because of chronic underfunding, seniors care appalling, abuse of teacher's rights, abuse of the child's rights...You endorse a Christy Clark who lies with ease, never apologizes and blames everyone else and lastly....you condense blatant corruption and scandal along with the suffering of millions to one vague paragraph in your endorsement...it's no wonder the mainstream media is in such decline...

That's why I endorse John Horgan for premier, for all the reasons not to vote for Christy Clark the Vancouver Sun Editorial Board deliberately left out....Christy Clark and Liberal corruption can't go on.....my conscience will be clear no matter who wins, can you say as much Vancouver Sun Editorial Board...?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 

Selling Cynical---A Christy Clark Portrait

  Written by Grant G

I can see a political party paying their leader a stipend if.....if their leader is not already elected to public office, if said leader is spending all his or her time campaigning a party platform to the people, occupied day in day out trying to move their political party forward....however, once elected to office(if successful) any and all stipends must end...

There can be simple exceptions to the stipend rule(s), or what should be a rule, if a political party has a private function and their chosen leader expends money to attend, the party is within its right to reimburse their leader.

However, this is not what Christy Clark's "stipend" was/is used for, Clark's stipend came in the form of raw cash, this cash came to Clark month in, month out, whether she spent a $100 dollars or none...not a rental subsidy, not a car allowance, Christy Clark's "stipend" was cash on the barrel head dole..

The name Allison Redford comes to mind, a seemingly smart individual who was elected premier of Alberta.

Allison Redford the leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party and Premier of Alberta.

Allison Redford did not get a stipend from the PC party, however, those with a lack of ethics and little moral character don't need a party stipend to benefit beyond their worth, or pay-grade.

Stories filtered out of Alberta's legislature year after year, ...Allison Redford was benefiting bigtime, so was her sister, husband and family...Taxpayer trips on private flights, free travel for family, free trips to South Africa with friends, townhomes paid by the taxpayer, contracts for hubby, luxurious stays around the world, the list of royal perks directed at Allison Redford were endless..


Premier Redford over the course of a few years in power turned from a leader named Allison to Queen Allison of Alberta...no expenses to large, no conflict to glaring, no family or personal gift to lavish...

Some say Power corrupts, and it does, the stench from Allison Redford was so bad that the people of Alberta did something nobody thought possible, they elected a NDP government, they threw Redford and the complicit PC Conservative party in power out, with a thud..

"You can fool some of the people some of the time, you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time"

wrong, you can fool the people all the time but no one escapes hubris.......You can sell out generations of Albertans, cost a province 10's of $billions of dollars with bad deals, kowtow to corporate lobbyists and create corporate giveaway tax policy and walk around unscathed, but, spend a few $million public tax-dollars playing the role of Queen of Alberta and get sent packing...justice, no, hubris.

Christy Clark and her loyal subjects running to their Queen's defense..

Judy Tyabji, the author of the Christy Clark biography, a book that went over like a lead balloon,.... Judy Tyabji recently was howling away on Facebook that Christy Clark had been bullied into relinquishing  her oh-so deserved cash stipend....Funny stuff coming from Judy Tyabji, hubris I mean...Do Fentanyl traffickers deserve to run for office, does a old tired Gordon Wilson deserve $200k per year to promote LNG, did Gordon Wilson's sheep farm in Powell River B.C. deserve a hefty BC Government grant....it appears to this observer that Judy Tyabj /Gordon Wilson family and farm is or was entirely dependent upon the kindness of strangers, that is, if you call B.C. taxpayers strangers..

The Wilson family is entirely dependent on the kindness of Queen Christy Clark and her decision to expense stranger's money to her political friends, her family friends, that is sorta like "families First" isn't it.

There are others that run to Queen Christy's, err, I mean Premier Clark's defense.....There's her brother Bruce Clark and her ex-husband Mark Marissen.....independent people running to Clark's defense, but are they independent, or dare we say innocent...

Bruce Clark 

Bruce Clark, a government lobbyist, employed at one time by the Washington Marine Group, there is nothing wrong with being as lobbyist but to this day no one can explain how Bruce Clark, while Christy Clark was a member of the BC Liberal cabinet(before her time as elected leader and premier) how cabinet eyes only documents ended up being in Bruce Clark's possession, cabinet documents related to the BC Rail owned Roberts Bank rail spurline.....To this day Bruce Clark has never been forced to reveal who in the BC Liberal cabinet handed him top secret documents...


Police summary alleges influence-peddling, fraud

A summary of the investigation reveals that senior government staff may have traded information

Senior employees of the B.C. government may have been trading confidential information related to the $1-billion sale of BC Rail in exchange for the promise of benefits or future employment, according to a document released Tuesday.

The document, a summary of the police investigation into a breach-of-trust probe related to police raids on offices in the provincial legislature in December, alleges influence-peddling and fraud.
The summary suggests two government officials could have exercised "influence in connection with government business, including BC Rail."

The document also reveals for the first time that a third government office was raided by police during the Dec. 28 raids -- the province's computer server system.
Previously known to have been raided were two legislature offices and the homes or offices of people with ties to the B.C. or federal Liberals.
Premier Gordon Campbell said Tuesday it's troubling that government officials are being investigated for corruption and breach of trust related to the railway deal, but he said the allegations do not taint the $1-billion privatization.

"The BC Rail investment partnership is great for British Columbia and we should be proceeding with it," Campbell said, saying all decisions related to the deal were made by his cabinet.
But the release of the information created a political firestorm in Victoria, as the opposition New Democrats demanded the resignation of B.C. Finance Minister Gary Collins.
"There is now allegation of corruption at the highest level of this government, right into the finance minister's office," NDP house leader Joy MacPhail said during a raucous session in the legislature.
"There was a cloud of suspicion around BC Rail . . . and Gary Collins now needs to resign to have any hope of integrity being restored to this province."
Collins, whose former ministerial assistant Dave Basi was previously identified as one of two government employees whose offices were raided, refused to resign.
While government officials are hoping for a speedy conclusion to the investigation, the document released Tuesday says the RCMP remains in the "early stages" of the complex probe.

In addition to paper documents, police are about to search through a massive amount of electronic data seized at the legislature. In all, there are more than 97 compact discs of information, which officers will spend the next month going through.
Most of the details in the five-page document released Tuesday have previously been reported in The Vancouver Sun, although the newspaper relied on confidential sources for its information. This document is the first on-the-record confirmation of the alleged connection of the legislature raids to BC Rail and specific influence-peddling accusations.

The information released Tuesday relates to the breach of trust part of the police investigation that prompted the raids on the legislature offices.

Initially, police began investigating a government official with respect to crimes involving corruption and the proceeds of crime. Details of that investigation, which also involves drugs and organized crime, will not be available until April 1 at the earliest.

Tuesday's document says the RCMP breach-of-trust probe is looking into whether two senior government officials were offered "promotion prospects or employment opportunities."
Police are also probing whether the two officials, in turn, committed a breach of trust by "pass[ing] unauthorized confidential information to persons interested in government business for the purpose of obtaining a benefit."
The search warrants relied in part on information from a Dec. 17, 2003 government bulletin entitled, The B.C. Rail Fairness Report, which was written by an external consultant for former transportation minister Judith Reid and concluded the sale of the railway was fair, Tuesday's document says.

The Sun, based on interviews and information from sources, has previously reported that the search warrants issued Dec. 28 targeted Basi's office as well as his home; the office of Bob Virk, the former ministerial assistant to Reid; the Victoria office of lobbying firm Pilothouse and the Vancouver office of employee Erik Bornman, who represented a failed bidder, OmniTRAX, in the BC Rail deal, and the Vancouver home office of Bruce Clark, a chief fundraiser for the federal Liberal party and brother of B.C. Deputy Premier Christy Clark.........

 On Dec. 28 police also visited the home of Mark Marissen, Martin's campaign chairman in B.C. and Christy Clark's husband, who voluntarily handed over documents to police that were later revealed to be resumes.
At the time, Martin was hiring his new administration and anyone from B.C. who wanted a job with the federal Liberals had to send a resume to Marissen.
Two senior Liberal insiders say Basi and Virk applied for jobs as chiefs of staff to cabinet ministers, but a screening committee in Ottawa rejected their applications because their qualifications were deemed to be inadequate. They also said Bornman was not in a position to offer anyone a job with the federal Liberals.
Campbell and Collins said they were unaware until Tuesday that a third B.C. government office was raided last December.
The Victoria building that houses one of the government's computer servers was also searched by police, who seized documents. The server keeps back-up copies of the government's electronic information, including all e-mail.
Campbell said he was told e-mails were among the things police were seeking in the offices of Basi and Virk but said he was unaware the government's computer server was also the subject of a search warrant......

Bruce Clark is never far from the Queen...including when Christy Clark flew to Haida Gwaii to hand over a stranger's cheque(BC Taxpayer) to a First Nation leader running for First Nation office, a First Nation leader who just happens to be in a Wind Farm business deal with Bruce Clark, a wind farm deal relying on government guaranteed return..


Coincidence, or Hubris....but what of Mark Marissen, Christy Clark's ex-husband, ....could he too be involved?..involved with BC Rail...or be involved with Tarsand pipelines and dirty oil to B.C....?



Seems to me that Bruce Clark and Mark Marissen are dependent upon decisions that Christy Clark is tasked to make on behalf of all British Columbians.....

Yes, I did get a little off topic, hypocrisy, ...Queen of British Columbia Christy Clark has finally said no to the $50K cash stipend, calling it a "distraction"....distraction! what could be more distracting than the soon to be arriving many large manila envelopes?

  Conflict of Interest Commissioner of British Columbia is in Conflict

Only in B.C......John Fraser, BC's conflict of interest Commissioner son works in Premier Clark's office, coincidence, no, typical political hubris..


The petition filed Tuesday in Vancouver also asked the court to find Fraser should not have ruled on the complaints because his son works as a deputy minister for the provincial government.
It said John Fraser "has personal ties to the premier. It is reasonable to suggest that the close family connection to senior members of the B.C. Liberal party, including Premier Clark, is a factor indicating a reasonable apprehension of bias."

Let us be perfectly clear, the $50 thousand dollar cash stipend Christy Clark receives is not used to pay for flights on private jets...Christy Clark since becoming premier, as of November 2015 had spent over $560,000.00 on private jets.... 

I find it very interesting, many of the private flights that the taxpayer is getting dinged for are on David Mclean's airline....Remember David Mclean..? Gordon Campbell's campaign donor and manager, he now is the CEO of what was once known as BC Rail....another coincidence, I guess

Christy Clark bills taxpayers big for oyster bar bill

B.C. Premier's office defends $475K credit card bill

B.C. Premier Christy Clark's office is defending a credit card bill that is more than double the size of her predecessor Gordon Campbell's.
Records from the Office of the Comptroller General show the Clark's office charged $475,000 in expenses to credit cards during the 2011/12 fiscal year.
Charges under Clark's tenure include several tabs for thousands of dollars at various top restaurants, such as $3,267.66 at Ferris Oyster Bar in Victoria and $2,279 at Bishops in Vancouver.
The charges also include a large number of travel expenses with airlines, hotels, plus office supplies, and more than $100,000 from communications companies Rogers and Telus.
The year before under former premier Gordon Campbell, the office's expenses totalled $205,000 and $195,000 the year before that.


A one year credit card bill, Christy Clark's first year as premier credit card bill that the taxpayer paid...nearly $ 1/2 million dollars....So, clearly Christy Clark's stipend of $50k per year isn't paying her oyster bar bill, you are..

Christy Clark's stipend didn't pay for a photographer to accompany her to Paris, you the taxpayer did..

Nor did Christy Clark's stipend pay for near $1 million dollars on photographers and videographers over the last three years..That's right...over $1 million taxpayer dollars spent on filming Christy Clark...Her $50k stipend would only cover her photographers for 100 days....Christy Clark is averaging $500 taxpayer dollars each and every day, 5 years and counting...

There must be something her stipend is paying for?...nope, nothing

Even when our BC Legislature is in session(or not in session)....Christy Clark gets $18,000 dollars per year for housing and or rental accommodations in Victoria...$18,000 per year for the rare BC Legislature appearance...on top of her Government credit card, on top of her private flights, on top of $millions in photography...

Christy Clark's stipend doesn't pay for a damn thing,

Christy Clark in election 2013 campaigned on two themes..."Families First" and "LNG $trillion dollar windfall"

As for the LNG windfall....LNG in British Columbia is kaput.


What about Families First....BC Hydro rates have skyrocketed...ICBC skyrocketing...The endless increases to Canada's only healthcare premium, the MSP...

Welfare rates frozen for a decade,...

Canada's lowest minimum wage right here in B.C. 

BC's provincial debt under Christy Clark's 4 year term as premier has gone from $48 billion dollars to over $71 billion...increasing by almost $5 billion dollars per year..

Transit fare increases...

Disability rates frozen in British Columbia for a decade,  and finally a modest increase in disability rates was announced, only to see Christy Clark clawback bus passes from those same disabled people...


Food or Bus Pass? Clawback Creates Hard Choices for British Columbians with Disabilities

Tears, resignation as people on disability assistance discuss how they’ll try to make ends meet


Hypocrisy...do as I say, not as I do....?

Christy Clark this last week has told media that she has put an end to her $50k yearly cash stipend, she called it a "distraction"....

The endless stream of taxpayer funded partisan government advertising will continue...Christy Clark's penchant for private jet flights will continue, her taxpayer funded in-tow photographers will continue and so will her taxpayer funded pigfests at swanky oyster bars..

Christy Clark's $50k per year distraction will continue, we just won't see it...

Christy Clark putting her family, and only her family first will continue..

Whether or not British Columbia will continue to buy cynical is in doubt..

As for the BC Liberal Party and Christy Clark..

Selling Cynical will continue in earnest..it's all the BC Liberals have in Christy Clark.

Selling Cynical, a Portrait of Christy Clark 

Written by Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open